San Francisco Pool Tournaments

Picking up where I last left off ages ago, I'd like to talk about the "Hi-Tech Tournaments" that I promised to start running.  My pet project for a while now has been working on a website called where pool players can sign up for their own free account and challenge each other to real life games of pool using their cell phones.  A while back I added tournament support to Nomad and for the past three months, I've been running two weekly tournaments in San Francisco every Friday and Sunday nights.

The Friday tournament is a #10ball double elimination tournament at Happy Lounge starting at 7pm.  @happy has one table and a very good pool vibe.  Everyone there is treated like family and they all love to shoot pool.  You can count on finding good and friendly competition no matter who you play.  This tournament is beginning to gain some momentum with 17 players showing up two weeks ago and our highest attended tournament last week at 18 players!

Then on every Sunday night, I run a double elimination #8ball tournament at the Blackthorn which is also in SF.  The @thorn has two pool tables, nice seating, and a smoking area out back where you can bring your drink.  The attendance at this tournament is usually ~15 players with a peak of 20 players about a month ago.  After the tournament ends, the tables stay open (free) and we play #8ball on one table and a big ring game of 3-lives (killer/turkey shoot) on the other.

You can check out the tournament page if you'd like to see the upcoming tournaments as well as the past tournaments, including the full brackets.  You can also see the online leaderboards that I promised in my last post.  There are separate leaderboards for #8ball, #10ball, and other game types.