NomadPool YouTube Channel

Recently I've been using my iPhone 4S to take video footage of the last few matches of the #10ball pool tournaments that I've been running every Friday at San Francisco's Happy Lounge.  The jukebox provides a great angle.  All I have to do is lean my phone up against a pint glass and hit record.  I can then easily crop and upload the videos directly to the NomadPool Channel on YouTube.

I stumbled upon a cool use for youtube's "annotations" feature where you can highlight parts of the video and insert text when the mouse hovers over.  For the latest TGIF Finals Match, I added an annotation over each important object ball before two of the shots, at around 02:05.  This is useful since the number of each ball is important in rotation games such as #10ball, and the darker balls are easy to confuse on a grainy video.  It reminds me of watching pool on ESPN where they show the overhead view and put an exaggerated cartoon image of each ball over the top of the actual ball.